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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kiki's update - 22 June

Kiki's right leg's been amputated yesterday. The nurse updated me that the he's gotten back his appetite today and he's been such a good boy! Medicating him is a bliss, she said. "He'd open his mouth big big when you medicate him! He's very cooperative!" He'd be warded till his wounds are completely healed, then we'd have to board him at a cat shelter till he gets adopted. The vet bill till today is $1107. Funds gathered so far: $1307

Thank you everyone, for the funds and most importantly, the encouragement all of you had given.

Our hope right now is to find a good home for Kiki. Please do spread the word again. Trust me... he's a good home cat to keep, despite being 3-legged.

PS: pics taken on 23 June


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