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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kiki's update - 22 June

Kiki's right leg's been amputated yesterday. The nurse updated me that the he's gotten back his appetite today and he's been such a good boy! Medicating him is a bliss, she said. "He'd open his mouth big big when you medicate him! He's very cooperative!" He'd be warded till his wounds are completely healed, then we'd have to board him at a cat shelter till he gets adopted. The vet bill till today is $1107. Funds gathered so far: $1307

Thank you everyone, for the funds and most importantly, the encouragement all of you had given.

Our hope right now is to find a good home for Kiki. Please do spread the word again. Trust me... he's a good home cat to keep, despite being 3-legged.

PS: pics taken on 23 June

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kiki's Update on 16 June

Kiki's left leg is recovering slowly but his right leg is very swollen and had stiffened. If the condition worsens, we might have to get the right leg amputated. Meanwhile, during these few days, Kiki is under observation... they will try to flex his muscles, and hopefully, it'll loosen up abit for better recovery.

Will update again this week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kiki aka Lego - Victim of irresponsible pet ownership

Kiki, a 1.5 years old male Tabby was 1st seen by a caregiver from Holland Village, wearing a collar, roaming the void decks in early 2007. Concerned, she asked around for the identity of the owner. Turns out to be a 13 year old girl.... whose mother had probably picked up a stray kitten back then to keep her daughter company.... just like a toy. Kiki is a sweet but timid boy. He dodges people yet want to come near, yearning the affection which he was
deprived of. He was unsterilised, and free to roam.

After much convincing from the caregiver, they agreed to pay HALF the sterilisation fees.

However, they were still unable to keep Kiki indoor. He went missing for 1 week after sterilisation...

Kiki was found on the 7 June with parts of his skin and flesh from the hind legs ripped off, and rotting away. God knows what happened to him during his disappearance. Perhaps, it was a car accident? Perhaps not. He was probably too hungry when he gathered enough strength to come out for food when the feeder was feeding on 7th June 2007. However his injury was serious. Kiki was then rushed to the vet. While putting him into the carrier, some parts of his flesh fell off.

According to the vet, Kiki needs at least a month or even 2, to recover.. Many parts of his skin and flesh were ripped.

The "owner" is unable to afford his medical bills and had suggested to put Kiki to sleep.

Kiki is a strong cat, he's not sick or paralysed, there is no reason to put him down. The caregiver is appealling for help to save him and to move him off the streets and the harsh environment. We need contributions to pay Kiki's vet fees which is going to be hefty.

KiKi, has been renamed "Lego" at the clinic.

Here's a short vid:

Contributors, please email

PS: please do help to circulate this to friends who may help...

Thanks and regards,
Fiona Yuen

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hi all,
Come on down to Phyllis's cattery this Saturday if you or your friend wish to adopt a cat or kitten. Details on the poster attached. Further details, please call Phyllis at 91993221 or email to us.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day is not too far away. Some kind volunteer donated the following pearl jewellery to us to raise funds for the Animal Shelter as well as for Stray Cat Sterilizations. These are fresh water pearl with gold / silver plated snaps and chains. They are similar to the ones sold at Chomel. If you are interested, please kindly email us:

Remember to leave us your: Name, Mobile number, and Mailing Address.

Large and Small White Pearl earrings (choice of white or gold backing): $15 for Small, $25 for Large
Large Pink Pearl earrings: $25
White Pearl necklace: $30
Black Pearl necklace: $30

Don't forget your kitty friends as well, Phyllis has hand-made the following catnip pouches for Sale. They are $10 each. Very good quality catnip were used. We have tested them at the cattery. The kitties love it.

Here's one last item for sale. I'm not sure what it is, but supposedly it's a cat whistle. $10

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Received a call on Saturday from Phyllis with regards to our flickr album. She's asked if we had put up the pics of the kittens with flu.... Sorry everyone...I forgot to add the captions...

Those are pics of the 5 kittens and their mom... they are recovering from flu. Phy and her maids have been cleaning their eyes regularly but some of their eyes are still shut. Thanks to Phy, Mei Mei ad Lala, for their TLC and hardwork. We know they are doing their best...