Paw Pledge

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fiona has hand-drawn these beautiful canvas bags for the festive season. The proceeds of which will go entirely to the cattery and for sterilising stray cats. Please help generously...each bag is $10 and comes in red, blue, army green, and black. Please contact us at or send us an instant message if you have Yahoo Messenger.

Dash and Pink Panther had a Reiki session

We hired Lizzie from My Healing Hands to come down to look at Dash and Pink Panther. She sensed that Dash has a sharp pain at the back of his front leg. His energy level is very low and is very uncomfortable.

Pink Panther, is supposedly physically very weak. But her strong will had kept her alert till today.... Let's hope she manages to fight this battle...

Lizzie suggested that if we sense our pets dying, we should try to help ourselves overcome the grief and accept this fact. Once we let go, then our pets can leave in peace. Also, refrain from crying out loud as it would make it harder for the pet to leave peacefully.

After seeing how much Dash had suffered, we have come to terms with the fact that we cannot hold him back anymore. It's definitely time to let him go....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ellen's(sorry we thought was Helen) an elderly lady and she goes around collecting cans, carton boxes and old newspapers to take care of herself and these 200+ cats under her care. Sometimes, she starves along with the cats when there's no money for food. When she has some cash, she feeds the cats a diet of canned baked beans, bread and barley. Vegan cats...way to go!

Ok, that's besides the point...please read the story below and help in whatever ways you could. May I request you folks to help seek donations for the following items:

1) Medical supplies - cotton pads & swabs, hydrogen peroxide, eat mite drops, deworm pills, etc.
2) Canvas curtains and shelvings
3) Clean towels for the cats
4) Cat food, treats and toys
5) Financial aid for sterilising her cats and sponsor transport for her to do so
6) Cat food Supply (please email to to enquire on how to sponsor food supply)

Lastly, for those who don't mind donating money, I would ask you to contribute some money to Helen to help her cover her bills, and also to set aside for emergency vet bills.

The other thing in the pipeline is an Adoption Drive. We need to try to rehome as many of these cats as possible, otherwise things are going to spiral out of control. If you know of anyone interested in bringing home a new kitty ....please do let us know.
The Adoption Story of "Mystique"...the lucky kitten from Old Airport Road
From the desk of Mystique's adopter...

It is human nature to want what you can’t have, and to tire of what you do have. The people, creatures or objects that are out of our grasp seem irresistibly attractive, but once we finally have them, their lustre pales a little.

What child doesn’t want a pet? At the zoo or in the pet shop, domestic animals are undeniably cute: they’re cuddly, wriggly and active, these tiny little balls of fur with impossibly big eyes that look hopefully up into your face. Like every other child, our daughter Anya wanted a pet. She didn’t mind if it was a dog or a cat (or a dragon, she said). And my husband and I thought it would be a good idea for her to have a companion as well, so we set about the business of adopting a kitten.

Now that we have had Mystique for just over a month, she doesn’t seem as valuable a commodity as she had been in our imagination. Yes, she is as cute as ever and ridiculously affectionate – but she wakes us up at the most unreasonable hours of the night because she’s decided she wants to play. Sure we could shut her out of our bedroom, but she’d only sit outside and wail. Or worse still, she’d go and wail outside Anya’s door and wake her up too!

When I leave for work in the morning, Mystique clings on to my jeans with her claws and howls at the top of her voice as I try to make my way to the front door without treading on her. You can’t open the fridge door or the shoe cabinet without her trying to climb inside. Sometimes she thrusts her smelly little chew-toy into my hands, or worse, my face.

In other words, she is really quite inconvenient.

However, when my husband and I made the decision to adopt a kitten, we knew that it would be for life. Should we leave the country for good, Mystique would come with us. Should she fall ill or injure herself, we would make sure she was looked after. In other words, she has become a member of the family. She is ours – and is our responsibility. Just as we would never dream of giving Anya away, we will not be able to bring ourselves to abandon Mystique or give her up just because she can be a little troublesome.

It’s funny to see Anya interact with her. At 3½ years old, Anya is ready for a playmate. She reads her stories, tries to carry her, calls her “baby”, and strokes her at every available opportunity. She also growls at her, tries to smack her and shouts at her when Mystique does not respond the way she wants her to. More than once I’ve heard Anya say: “I’ll give you back to Fiona (Mystique’s foster parent)!” This little cat has become the sibling that we haven’t been able to give her, with all the love and all the rivalry that that kind of relationship involves.

Just by having to live with a newcomer in the house, Anya has had to learn patience and a measure of tolerance (as has Mystique!). She has had to learn that she cannot act out or hurt her just because she is upset, or just because Mystique isn’t behaving the way she wants her to: hard lessons for a toddler to learn, especially when she has always been the centre of everyone’s attention. Anya has been the princess of the family her whole life (she’s the only grand-daughter on both sides of the family), so it’s time she learned a bit about sharing and about responsibility. I truly believe that this little cat will help develop our daughter’s character in a way that nothing else can.

Inconvenient though she may be, Mystique is also the sweetest little thing. She reaches out often to touch Anya’s face with her soft paws and puts up with all her silly antics. She likes to put her little face close to mine in the morning and mew softly until I open my eyes and stroke her. When we come home in the evenings, she comes rushing out to greet us, and will select one of us to follow around the house until she finally gets picked up and made a fuss of.

So we take the good with the not so good, but most of all, we just enjoy the newest furry addition to our family.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tom Tom is recovering from his flu. He's becoming more energenic... and kinda like a bully now. He hops around but would run back to you if you calls out his name. This boy even tried to pick fights.... with the weaker ones like Dash! Wat a bully!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pink Panther is Dying...

Pink Panther will be discharged from CAC today. The vet pronounced Pink Panther hopeless because all her red blood cells are completely eaten up. We will take her back to the cattery and let her roam until her time's up. Please say a prayer for her that she'll pass on peacefully.

Pink Panther used to be a very happy girl, roaming around the Old Airport area. When Fiona found her, she was bleeding from the mouth and the vet diagnosed it as stomatitis. Stomatitis is the most painful ailment that can happen to a little animal. The mouth and gum is completely covered with ulcers such that the cat cannot even eat or swallow. The cat eventually starves to death.

When the vet tried to syringe Pink Panther with listerine to disinfect the ulcers, it was too painful and Pink Panther bit Fiona so hard her wrists had gaping holes oozing blood. Pink Panther was later tested positive for FIV. But none of us gave up hope on Pink Panther and wanted her to live out her remaining life peacefully, so she was boarded at the cattery.

Fiona will bring her back to the cattery today and let her roam around until her time is up. Please pray for her and visit her if you can this weekend.