Paw Pledge

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Vandalism & Animal Abuse at Blk-512 Serangoon North Ave 4

A community cat was splashed with green paint by a vandal who also failed to leave the corridor walls alone.

The cat is not at the vet. There's a potential adopter who can only adopt next year. Meanwhile, a temporary foster is needed.

Anyone with information on the vandal or would like to foster this cat, please contact:

Here's the Reward Poster.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cherubs and Angels

Lizzie, from My Healing Hands, contributed these beautiful posters to Paw Pledge for our year-end fund-raising drive. These beautiful pictures are seen here framed in very affordable ornate frames from IKEA. She brought these beautiful posters back from Italy. They are so beautiful, and has an "oil painting" look-and-feel.

These are going for $20 each. All you need is a beautiful ornate frame from IKEA and it'll make a wondering Christmas or House-warming gift.

All proceeds from this fund-raising drive will be used for stray cat sterilization and will also partly go to the catteries.

If you are interested, please email

Thursday, December 14, 2006

YUMMY TREATS FOR SALE!! Fund-Raising for Phyllis' non-profit cattery!!

It's the festive season and Phyllis is cooking and baking up a storm. She's making the following yummy treats, all nicely packaged in beautiful Christmas Gift Boxes:

Non-vegetarian (has egg):
(#3) Pineapple Tarts (35 pieces) @ S$15 per box
(#1) Love Letters @ S$10 per box
Mini Kuih Bahulu Indonesian Recipe (100 pieces) @ S$10

(#2) Vegan Roll - no fillings (100 pieces) @ S$10

If you are interested in ordering these yummy treats to devour with family and friends, please email with your name, phone number and your order quantity.

For orders S$30 or more, free delivery will be provided. (Please remember to include your delivery address on the email.)

For orders under S$30, self pick-up is available if unable to arrange for a convenient meeting point.

All proceeds from this Christmas Bake Sale will benefit the cattery.

Please support generously and kindly put your orders in fast. Limited time only.

Happy Holidays, all.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hand-painted Tank Tops for Sale! All proceeds for the animals!!

These tank tops are simple, comfortable and beautiful. Each piece is hand-painted with fade-proof ink. The proceeds go towards funding stray cat sterilisations and upkeeping the PawPledge Cattery - In light of the X'mas giving and sharing spirit, please support generously for the welfare of the stray animals. Tee Sizes: S, M, L. Colors: White, Red, Blue. Price: S$16. Makes purrfect X'mas gifts. (Back of tee has 2 pawprints). Visit to find out more about our animal welfare activities. Delivery lead time: about 4-5 days.

Please email for inquiries or orders.

P.S. For those inquiring about the bags, they are now sold out. The only available ones are plain black and light green ones. These are plain because the ink couldn't stay on these colors properly; we didn't want to risk it fading. We offer these bags at a discounted price of $8 per bag. (While Stocks Last!)

Front of Tee
Back of Tee
Matching Bag

Friday, December 01, 2006

In Memory of Dash...

Everybody loves Dash. Why is Dash such a special cat? Because he's exceptionally affectionate. Even in his dying moments, if you walk up to him, he'll struggle to lift his head and emit a funny sounding meow+purr to acknowledge your presence, also his way of thanking you for visiting him.

Dash passed away today, 2 December 2006 at about 10:45 am. His battle with blood cancer is over. He's now free from his shell of pain and suffering. A perfect, healthy and pure image of him resides in our heart.

We will always remember the darling little boy, with the deformed paw. He's ever so affectionate and sweet to humans.