Paw Pledge

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Silver Bell for adoption.
2 months old lil' girl, sweet as ever. Saved from the road by a kind lady.
Silver Bell escaped death with only minor scratches on her mouth. A true beauty, this semi persian silver kitten, with a fluffy tail, has been vaccinated and is ready to go a good home.

We will only consider responsible adopters who believe in sterilising their pets.

Please contact for enquiries.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Pongo was rescued by a friend, Vincent on 7 Dec 2006.
Everyone thought that the dog is unlikely to survive. But just look at him NOW!

18th January 2007
It is unlikely that Pongo will be adopted but if there is one who is willing to give a permanent home to him, please leave a posting here and I will ask Vincent to contact you.

You can lighten Vincent’s burden of caring for Pongo for long term by making contributions towards his boarding, his food and his veterinary care. Please leave a posting here for details on how to do this.

Email from Vincent
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2007 2:21 PM
Pongo is recovering very well. He is eating very well everyday. Now he is taking his Prescription i/d formula diet daily due to his non-stop diaharrea eariler. His fur is growing nicely except for his lower portion at his hip, the open sore still needs time to recover. We suspect that pongo was confined in a very small cage for a very long time which has caused his open wounds at his hip and also taking the habit to pee and poo on his own body. He is still abit nervous and will pee whenever u want to touch his body or want him to stand up to change his paper. Dr Au said that is still alright as it is better than he cannot pee. However, pongo has the problem of pushing out his faeces. Most of the time i have to help him to remove his faeces by using the cotton buds. Pongo now try to move around more often. I happened to see him a few time walking and smell around the room when alone. And twice he has went out the room to the backyard and sit under the tree. He will let us pat his head and sometime will smell us from behind when we are cleaning up his sleeping place.

Thanks so much to you and everyone for helping pongo to the road of recovery.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Special Valentine's for the Cats

Why not get something unique and customized for your loved ones this Valentine's Day? See our new collection of tees. The proceeds from these t-shirts go towards stray cat sterilizations as well as animal rescue.

All tank tops are hand-drawn by volunteers who stayed up late nights to rush out these tees for Valentine's. No two pieces are identical.

In addition to the tank tops, we also have these beautiful Venetian Glass Hearts for sale. These Glass Hearts are all individually hand-made and brought in by a volunteer from Italy. There's only 1 of each piece and the stock is limited. We have only about 10 pieces. These will make beautiful gifts for Valentine's and also go well with the tank tops.


How to order:
To place your order, please email your orders to Include your contact number and address. We'll definitely call you to confirm your order.

Tank tops (Orange, White and Grey in S, M, L) -
$20 per piece (postage included); $18 per piece (self-collection)

Venetian Glass Hearts -
$25 per piece (Heart pendant only)
$50 (Heart with beaded necklace)

Delivery Terms:
- Orders will be mailed out every Thursday.
- For self-collection, Pick up location will be Bt. Timah Plaza 1 -8 pm
on Saturdays only
- No postage charges for Glass Hearts if ordered together with tank top. For Glass Heart order only, please add $4 for postage and handling. No postage charge for self-collection.

Payment Terms:
- For postal orders, please transfer the payment in advance. The order will be mailed out as soon as funds are received.
- For self-collection, cash on delivery.

All proceeds go towards stray cat management and sterilization. Please visit us at

Sunday, February 04, 2007

In Loving memory
Born: Streets
Died: February 3, 2007
Venue: Ponggol 17th Avenue

Pink Panther was found on the streets of Old Airport Road. She cared for the other abandoned little kittens despite the fact that they are not her own flesh and blood. Pink Panther suffered from chronic Stomatits and had fallen sick too many times to remain on the streets. She was later diagnosed with FIV, and was sent to a Shelter soon after. She is a fighter though... no matter how many times she'd collapsed, she'd always manage to get up on her feet again.
Dear Pink Panther finally succumbed to the illness. She will definitely be remembered...for her loving kindness and strength.

Please also say a lil prayer for Scarlet, who left us on 3rd Feb, and Kheilly, on 4th Feb. They will too be dearly missed.

Friday, February 02, 2007

2 Feb 2007...

Got a call from Phyllis in the morning to inform me that we may lose Pink Panther today. Pink Panther, who's now skin and bones, had collapsed with mouth wide open and panting heavily. She was also passing motion uncontrollably.
With a heavy heart, I starting hoping that she could quickly pass on in peace.

Pink Panther has been and is still as brave and strong-willed as ever. We thought we would have lost her last year. The vet back then verified that her blood count had dropped beyond hope. Even a Reiki Master told us her energy level was negative. It's indeed a surprise she could pull through till today.

After work, Beck and I went down to Phy's to take a look at Pink Panther. To our surprise, she actually got up on her feet and walked to us. Our poor FIV-strickened cat.... she's a warrior! Is she telling us that she'll still stand strong? Whatever she wants, I hope she knows that we are all extremely proud of her.